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MAAP offers workshops and teach-ins to the community. Current offerings include overdose prevention and response, and supporting people surviving poverty in public. These are currently virtual, though we will explore in-person options in the future. 

Please reach out to Rachel Bolton, MAAP's Program and Outreach Organizer, at if a community group you are involved in are interested in a training or workshop. 


MAAP offers workshops and trainings to organizations. Current offerings include overdose prevention and response, and supporting people surviving poverty in public. 

MAAP has also provides trainings, safety planning and support in developing programmatic policies specifically tailored to the needs of organizational partners and the needs of community members and are based on our core philosophies and practices of harm reduction, trauma informed care, autonomy and self-determination, and abolition.

These have included: 

  • A three part training with parters for a shelter that was experiencing challenges that included philosophies of care and approaches (harm reduction, trauma informed care, supporting people through crisis), overdose recognition and response, safety planning, scenarios and debriefs, and a reworking of shelter rules to guest rights and responsibilities. 

  • A 40-Hour training tailored for Cambridge HEART responders around supporting people surviving poverty in public through crises. Training included background and local context around homelessness, drug use, and mental health; philosophies, practice, and approaches;  and crisis response and de-escalation in public spaces including overdose recognition and response, responding to multiple crisis and  perceived crisis, and responding in the presence of police or other entities that police / are tied to the criminal legal system / and cause harm.  

  • An overdose recognition, response, and aftercare training, along with ongoing safety planning and problem solving and continued reworking of policies and procedures that prioritized guests safety and autonomy with Black and Pink MA, for the Alexia Norena House, a beautiful reentry house for transgender community members.

  • Sharing de-escalation strategies, safety planning, and creating a mental health crisis response plan within a partner organizations' existing policies alongside front-line workers who were seeking more supportive and safe options than calling the police. 

Please reach out to Rachel Bolton, MAAP's Program and Outreach Organizer, at if you or your organization are interested in a training, workshop, technical assistance, or are looking to strategize together.

As MAAP is a very small grassroots organization, we request an honorarium appropriate to your organization or groups size, budget and resources. We aim to be redistributive; honoraria from organizations or groups with the means enables us to also share knowledge and skills, and strategize and safety plan with grassroots organizations and movement groups who have significantly smaller, if any, budget. 

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