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Accessing MAAP's Drop-In SPACE
& Free Store

MAAP offers a twice-weekly drop-in space and free store for community members who are unhoused, under-housed, or surviving poverty. 

  • Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9AM - 3PM

    • We are open on holidays. Though extremely rare, in a situation we need to open late or remain closed due to a weather emergency, that information is posted on our front door, on social media, and on our voicemail.

  • Address: 5 Longfellow Park Cambridge, MA 02138

    • Just outside of Harvard Square off of Brattle Street in the basement of the Friends Meeting at Cambridge (the Quakers) Meeting House

  • We are continuing to host our drop-in in our front in our yard as we are waiting for our windows to be replaced to ensure COVID safety in our space. We anticipate being able to return to our basement space in early spring of 2023. You are still able to come inside to the indoor respite space to rest. 

  • You do not need a referral or appointment. There is no formal intake / collection of information about anyone who accesses our space.

  • We are able to provide a letter confirming you have come to our space if it is necessary or helpful in accessing support  - we know this is required to access transportation support, for programs etc. 

MAAP Drop-In Offerings 


MAAP hosts a community organizing meeting at our space on Tuesdays from 3-4:30PM. Check in with Cassie or Rachel, or look at our organizing meeting binder for more information. 



The MAAP Organizing Group builds community, leadership, and power among people surviving poverty in public to create systemic change for healthy, safe, and just communities for all. We educate, advocate, and agitate to demand the dismantling of systems that cause us harm including the war on drugs and the prison industrial complex, and instead call for investment in evidence-based solutions to persistent poverty where housing is a right and not a reward, people have access to comprehensive healthcare including harm reduction, and community members’ human rights are affirmed. 



The MAAP Organizing Group is building collective power among people who are unhoused or underhoused, people who use drugs, or have a relationship to drugs other than abstinence, people with mental illness, people who are involved in the criminal legal system, people who have experienced involuntary civil commitment, people living with HIV, and people engaged in sex work. We know our collective experiences, wisdom, and strength make us best suited to fight the interconnected systems that have coerced, surveilled, criminalized, and failed us. We name, shame, take aim, and actively and continuously work to end the barriers to access, bad policy, and systems that criminalize us. At the same time, we are developing our shared vision of interconnected evidence-based solutions to systemic poverty that are rooted in community care and liberation. Housing justice, racial justice, ending the war on drugs, prison abolition, decriminalization of homelessness, accessible and comprehensive healthcare for all are our work.




    • Create low-barrier, deeply affordable housing that is offered without pre-conditions, including abstinence or participation in substance use treatment, and is decoupled from sobriety and shelter, and includes voluntary supportive services

    • Establish City Rent Subsidy Programs in Boston and Cambridge


    • Expand low-threshold healthcare and harm reduction services

    • Authorize supervised consumption sites where people can consume pre-obtained drugs in a safer environment in MA


    • End the involuntary and inhumane commitment of people under Section 35 and Section 12

    • Create community-based public safety programs that respond to calls about mental health crisis, substance use, and homelessness in Cambridge and Boston

    • End the forced removal of unhoused people from public space - including encampment sweeps and daily move-along orders. 

    • End Operation Clean Sweep, now codified in Boston’s encampment ban & Mayor Wu’s Citywide Plan to Address Homelessness & Substance Use, in Boston


    • Abolish the Prison Industrial Complex (including the Police)

    • Establish a moratorium on new prisons and jails in MA

    • End the War on Drugs

      • Decriminalize drugs in MA

    • End the criminalization of sex work

      • Decriminalize sex work in MA

    • Stop the renewal of Business Improvement Districts

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